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    December 22, 2012
    10:00 - 11:00pm EST  

it's the talk of the week with the tragedy in connecticut fresh in our mind. how do we stop senseless crimes like this from ever happening again. tonight, people gathered in the district with one goal in mind. to put an end to gun violence. forget the christmas
countdown. tonight, lawmakers are watching the fiscal cliff clock. the president says that he has met republicans halfway. now, is it working? and if you are not finished with your christmas shopping, you are not alone only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> as people across the nation try to focus on the holidays, the events in newtown, connecticut, and the debate over gun control is controlling much of the conversation this weekend, regardless of which side of the debate you are on. the end goal is ending gun violence. a crowd gathered at a vigil aimed at doing just that. lauren demarco joins us there. >> reporter: president obama says that this is not just an issue for lawmakers and law enforcement. he says that's going to take all americans standing up and
say, enough on behalf of our kids. and that is why the community is coming out tonight. the vigil in columbia heights was held in honor of 20 children and six school staff members killed. local stool keepers trish and her husband tim were among those who gathered. >> hopefully that will lead to some momentum. >> reporter: president obama called vice president biden to head a task force. he called for ban of assault weapons. but they are gathering in response no this statement. >> with all the money in the federal budget, can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school? >> to me, adding more guns is not the right answer. >> we are seeing murders and murder-suicide, mass shootings
on all different levels and to think that somebody as big as the national rifle association thinks that we should add more guns to that equation, to arm our teachers to send into our public school system is just completely pre pros to us. >> eddy is a victim of gun violence. he saw his mother shot by his father. australians purchased back weapons and gave their dollar amount to the people that had them as they initiated their ban. i think that's something that could take place in this country. >> reporter: others believe there should be a way to cut down on the violence while still protecting the second amendment. >> i think this is not going to be one of those things oh, nobody thinks about it. i think people are realizing that there last so be top steps that are taken that don't interfere with the right to
bears arms. >> reporter: many of the demonstrate tors say that's not just the mass shootings but are worried about the gun violence in general. there have been more than 100 shooting deaths in the united states in the weeks since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. back to you. >> lauren demarco, thank you. in newtown tonight, the last of the funerals for the victims of the school shooting, services were held for 7-year- old josephine gay who was born in columbia, air hand. marquez-greene was also remembered. and emily parker was buried in utah today. pink ribbons everywhere. >> and the united way of western connecticut says that the official funneled reached $2.6 million this morning. as the gun policy discussion heats up across the nation a neighborhood in northeast d.c. is reeling from a doubling shooting that killed one man and left another victim critically injured. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom now with the very
latest. >> reporter: that shooting happened before 2:00 this morning in the 1100 block of bladensburg road. two men were sitting in a car there when the suspect walked up and shot them both. this district detective rushed to bladensburg road after a call about a shooting came in. they found one man lying in the roadway. a secretary man was sitting in a car in front of merchants tire. sources say that both had been shot in the head. >> the victim who was found in the roadway was pronounced dead. he had been identified as 44- year-old rain harris. the other victim has been trans ported to a hospital and is currently listed in critical can. >> all police would say about the victim fighting for his life is that he is a 69-year- old man. the men were sitting in a chevy impala when they were targeted. >> we do believe that somebody approached the vehicle on foot and fired into the vehicle. >> reporter: people living around here were reluctant to go on camera and talk about the double shooting but off camera, they told me that things along
this stretch of bladensburg road had changed recently and not for the best. police don't yet know why the two men were parked in a lot but they do have some key evidence that could further the investigation. >> we are in the process of attempting to locate surveillance tape and review them and also in the process of interviewing potential witnesses. >> reporter: even with that early morning slaying, d.c. is on pace to have less than 200 murders this year. that has not happened since 1963. there is a $25,000 reward for information that hems police solve this murder. back to you, maureen, in the studio. >> thank you, audrey. a double shooting this afternoon this time at a convenience store in manassas park. police have arrested a shooting suspect. one victim was shot serious enough that they were flown to
the hospital. a shopping center cave-in left part of the roof damage. firefighters say that the high wind made it muchharder to put out the flames. people across the d.c. area woke up to some wicked winds this afternoon. fortunately, they did not stick around all day but they did cause some damage. >> we are in the clear now but what about tomorrow? fox 5's gwen tolbart is here with a look at the forecast. >> the winds are gradually dying down and tomorrow, we have to deal with light winds so it's not all bad. let's see what we did today. 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts. officially 44 at bwi thurgood marshall and 51 miles per hour wind in dulles. many of the neighborhoods saw wind within that range as well. currently, sustained winds anywhere from about 7 to 18 miles per hour. they are gradually calming down. here is a look at the current wind gust in some our
neighborhoods. 17 in baltimore, 16 in gaithersburg and 22 at winchester. those winds, you know, continue to be fairly strong, 25 in martinsburg but they'll continue to subside tonight and we're going to do so much better. temperatures into the lower 30s but we could see some of the temperatures drop into the 20s. we have a chilly night ahead. ridge of high pressure in control. that's going to set us up for some nine as we head into tomorrow. so for tomorrow, wind will clear, overnight, about 32 degrees. we have some changes coming closer to christmas day. i'll have the details and a look at the the all-important 7 day forecast. >> thank you, gwen. christmas may be around the corner but so is the fiscal cliff. president obama addressed the nation saying that he met republicans halfway and still no deal was reached meaning the future for tax cuts is still
uncertain. >> reporter: d.c. may be shutting down for christmas but the clock last not stopped running on the fiscal cliff which is closer than ever. no deal was reached this week to keep taxes from going up on everyone. john boehner says he is hopeful that a deal could be reached but in a speech, he continues to hammer away at president obama. >> this was year the size of the debt, all $16 trillion of it surpassed the size of our entire economy. it's a grim milestone, one of many that we'll have to bear if we don't come to grips. the president's solution of raising tax rates would still leave red ink as far as the eye can see. >> the president landed in hawaii for a shorter than usual christmas break. he will return to washington after christmas to walk on the fiscal cliff. he is acknowledging the political reality by pushing a
scaled back plan for a tax on the middle class. >> even though democrats and republicans are arguing about whether those rates should go up for thewealthiest individuals, all of yours, every single one of us, agrees that tax rates should not go up for the other 98% of americans, which includes 92% of small businesses. >> reporter: the president wants that middle class tax cuts and wants to preserve unemployment benefits which are set to expire at the end of the year. funeral services were held today for former federal judge robert bork. bork bide on monday. he was 85 years old. he is well-known for the nomination to the supreme court which set off one of the fiercest battles on capitol hill. he also is known for president nixon ordering him to fire one
of his aides. and shopper, if if you are not finished, you are not alone. and a new easy way to make weapons is in the works and stirring up some more controversy. that story and much more coming you on the news at 10:00. 
police in prince george's county are investigating a deadly car crash that happened around 12:00 this morning that happened on the 9700 block of adelphi road. this is the busiest day in the christmas holiday and the weather is not making it easy for travel around the country. in fact, snow and wind have made travel difficult for people around the country.
>> approach, line up, 335 >> reporter: the annual migration home for the holidays, not so merry for many this year. >> they have been giverring us the run-around. we are stuck here until sunday. >> i learned my less sons. i won't be traveling again near christmas. >> reporter: friday, high winds and widespread spiked travelers at la guardia. >> it's terrible. i fly a lot. this is the busiest i have ever seen this airport. >> part of iowa, nebraska and wisconsin burrity in more than a foot of snow. at chicago's o'hare airport, more than a thousand flights were canceled friday and hundreds more -- thursday and hundreds more on friday. >> so you live at this airport? >> yes, i am >> reporter: do you like our airport? >> i'm sorry. i can't say that i like it. >> reporter: home from leave in
afghanistan, this husband and wife reunited again in portland. >> i'm here, i'm here. >> reporter: army specialist brian purcell says that his training and persistence helped make this moment happen. >> i was sprinting across the airports because the flights were laid. they told me i would not make it. i was jumping over the railing. nothing was going to keep me from my wife. >> meteorologists say that there is a pee tension to spawn tornadoes, hail and high winds across the south and christmas night and a big snow maker traveling up the eastern seaboard into next wednesday. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news before the traveling, comes the shopping. the malls were very busy all over the country. some of them with extended hours to make it ease yes for those gifts. >> the kids and me. >> reporter: you are doing a little bit of christmas shopping for yourself? >> yes. >> reporter: you always have to
treat yourself doing this type of shopping. >> otherwise, it's not worth it coming here. >> reporter: folks might luck out with online shipment. retailers are offering same day deliver and others guarantee christmas day delivery. if you did not get your order in, you might be out of luck. the annual toys for tots campaign handed out toys for children. they partnered with the u.s. marine corps to give something special to the kids who needed it the most. >> they got bigger and bigger and bigger. it's fantastic. >> last year, the toys for tots drive collect the more than 37,000 items for kids. the first family arrived in hawaii for their holiday vacation. mr.and mrs. obama are expected to atent the funeral service tomorrow for late senator
daniel inouye. before getting out of the public's eye for the holidays, mrs. obama joined her husband to wish a merry christmas. >> after a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. across america, military families are reunited. let's give thanks for our men and women and let's give a special prayer to those in afghanistan, risking their lives. >> this is the fifth first family christmas in hawaii since president obama was elected. bringing holiday cheer to people who need it the most. >> and you heard of 3d tv but how about 3d printer? how one group is using the device to create weapons at home. 
this is the kind of story we love to tell during the holiday season. paying it forward to people who could use a little bit of help. >> that's what happened to a virginia student who is working as a waitress to pay for the holiday season. >> here is what happened during one of her shift. >> reporter: they came, they aid and they tip bombed. what's a tip bomb? it's a surprisingly huge tip for a waitress. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: and he is not even the waiters. he is the first one to tell you that servers earn their keep. >> they work very hard, ten, 11 hour per day. >> reporter: a group came into glory days. >> unbeknownst to us. they didn't tell anybody, didn't talk to anybody. >> reporter: however? >> they went above and beyond and did a super gracious thing. >> we tracked down a member of the group who wanted to remain
anonymous but it's all captured on video. the tip a whopping $903 of more than 400%. >> the server had an initial reaction that there was a mistake made. >> reporter: the group quickly scooted out the door but later the server did get a chance to talk to them on the phone. now, the tip bomber chose the restaurant but did not necessarily select this waitress. they just happened to be seated at this table in her section. >> a very long term employee and you don't see that in restaurants a lot but someone who has worked here a long time. i know there are college students as well. i'm sure that will help with something somewhere down the line. >> reporter: the group does this from time to time. they have a website they want to remain anonymous but they are hoping it's contagious. >> i think that it should catch on. everybody should go tip bomb somebody. >> i wish i could do that. $900 that would be really nice.
>> that would make me feel good. >> it would. >> i don't have that cash lying around. >> lottery, lottery. coming up, a marine is heading home just in time for the holidays after being held hostage for months in mexico. we have his story and the woman behind his unexpected release. and what turned out to be a freak accident turned out to be a sneaky plot to. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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an american man is heading back home to his family after he was held hostage for months in mexico. dominick dinatali is home.
>> johnny is chained as a dog to his bunk bed. that's one of the arresting images. the mexicans surprised everyone and released him on friday. his father is driving him across the country to their home in florida. they are expected to arrive christmas eve. he spent the night in brownsville, texas, just across the board from where he has been health. during his detention, he received threats by drug cartel members and endure the inhumane living conditions including being chained to his bet. his mother says that he suffers from a cough. he suffers from ptsd. >> he is innocent. we've always said it. and the mexican system proved
that. however, down in the next stage, you will see that there should be modifications to some laws and some things because this should not have happened. >> reporter: the release did not come about because of the pressure from the state department and congress. congresswoman. >> i just say amen and halleluiah and this is a wonderful early christmas present for not just the hammer family, think i for our community because our community really rallied for john's liberty. >> reporter: the mexicans need add face-saving exit for. this they determined that while it was illegal foon to take a gun into the country, he never intended to commit a crime. dominick di natale, fox news. new developments tonight in the case of last month's deadly indianapolis house explosion. police said that a trio turned their home into a bomb to get
$300,000 in insurance money. the house explosion which leveled an entire neighborhood also killed a young couple. >> it would require six to nine hours for the house to fill with gas to reach the gas air ratio of come busability that would lead to an explosion. >> the explosion caused 3 1/2 million dollars in damages. the three suspects were in a casino as the explosion happened. a group in texas is taking credit for creating the unthinkable. downloadable weapon parts. the group said they built and used a semiautomatic a r 15 rifle which is one of the weapons use the in the connecticut shooting. they build some of the parts in a 3d printer and used plastic for other parts. >> i understand the question
that somebody has, why develop this when you can develop dn't begin the process by saying, what can i make? i began the process by saying, what can i do effectively to effect a change outside the political process. i believe in universal firearm accessible. >> since the group is not federally licensed, they are not allowed to produce weapons a died while in manassas with her father. tonight, his mother is speaking. >> reporter: this is prince mcleod's ram just 15 months old.
sarah mcleod dropped him off at his father's house in manassas. >> i remember kissing him on the head and saying i'll see him later. i never saw him alive again. >> reporter: within hours, he was dead, pulled off life support at inova hospital. >> all i know is that i was told that when they found him, he was down too long. mcleod believes that her ex- fiance had something to do with it. >> what i do know is that people around this man die. and it keeps happening >> reporter: as part of the investigation into the toddler's death, it's prompted manassas police to look more closely at the death of two people close to the father. his mother who prince william county police ruled committed suicide in 2008 and his ex-girl friend, 22-year-old sean mason. in 2003, she was found murdered in her manassas condo. the two also had a son who is
now 13. at the time, police told fox 5 they didn't have the evidence they needed or a suspect. >> it is frustrating not having the weapon, not being able to come to a closure and most of all, i know it's painful for the family. >> reporter: but in march, during a heat the custody battle over prince, court documents provided by mcleod show the same detective testified rams was a person of interest in mason's murder and that there are circumstances that point to him as being a suspect in that murder and mr. rams could be charged at any time. rams has never been charged in any of the three deaths. he did not answer calls to his cell phone number given to fox 5 and his attorney did not return our calls either. what mcleod can't understand is how someone who can be a person of interest in a murder can get unsupervised visits to a child. >> i know for certain that my son was a healthy little boy. i was chasing him around the
grocery store that morning and he turned up dead. >> reporter: michael algio dismissed mcleod's pleas to prevent unsupervised visits given the suspicious circumstances in rams' ex- girlfriend. according to transcript, the judge said, i don't know anything about the homicide investigation. i know one thing: if there is evidence, you charge and you prosthesis cute. you prosecute it. if you don't, then you don't and that's how it stands before me. >> when it comes down to it, there's going to be a lot of finger pointing. >> reporter: manassas police says that the investigation into prince's death remain open but there are no new significant developments. we explain more once the medical examiner's report is complete. >> i won't believe it. i won't believe anything other than foul play. >> reporter: all mcleod can do
now is keep the promise she made to prince the day she buried him. >> i write in his book for the last time, and i looked at him and i said, prince, i promise, i promise that i'm going to get justice. i promise. i'm not going to stop fighting for you. >> reporter: sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> heart broking story. >> we contacted judge algio but he can't comment on active cases. principals william county police say that we are aware of the case in manassas and our detectives have been contacted regarding the case but it has not reopened the case into the mother's suicide unless something else comes in. the wizards seek to revehicle last night's worst loss of the season as the pistons pay visit to the city. we had strong winds giving us significant wind chills. temperatures now in the 20s and into the 30s along the eastern
seaboard. will we get a warm up? details coming up a little bit later. we'll be back after the break. 
what can you say about the wizards? they need a christmas miracle. >> at least the red scirnses doing well. >> usually, the redskins are struggling and the wizards are struggling and we rely on the caps. but the caps are not here. >> redskins doing us a favor. >> and wizards at the bottom of the nba standing as to add insult to injury, last night, they suffered the worth loss of the season. wizards scored just 13 points in the first quarter. this is the second quarter. wizards trailed by 19 points at the half. crawford with a game high 19 at
the half. nenj's steal results in beal's lay-in. beal who missed the last two games would chip in with 19. beal chases after the ball. he hits the deck. the pistons bynum to maxfield for the dunk. wizards fall again to the pistons 96-87, an nba worst 3- 22. jt 3 and georgetown hosting au. au hanging tough. steven lumpkin gets it go. deficit only six points. let's go later in the first half. hopkins inside to porter. second half, off the au miss, troutwig off the break. he gets the return pass.
georgetown defeats au 65-48. next up, marquette, january 5 in their big east opener. governor's classic, mason facing richmond. first half. mason misses but this one gives mason the first lead. we are tied to go. five seconds to g mason can win it. wright lets it go, he sinks the 3 at the buzzer. that is the game winner. wright had a game high 22 point. mason defeats richmond 67-64. an eagles-redskins rematch tomorrow in philly. remember when the redskins won 57-6. griffin iii completed this long pass to santana moss.
the eagles have been 1-5 since then, but they had a da what tick win last week. >> i don't think that everybody is taking a big picture right now. we can do that after the season when we are happy. right now, everyone is focused on one game at time. that's the attitude that you have. no one his the locker room excited. we go on a win streak and control our own destiny. everybody is focus on what we have to do. according to reports, robin griffin 3 has been cleared by doctors to play tomorrow. that's the end-all, be-all. if doctors clear him, he is good to go. >> do we wait to hear from shanahan? >> we'll hear from shanahan. we'll have the inactive list at that point on the pregame show. he's going to play. i don't think there is anything to worry about. if the doctors clear him, he is good to go coming up, gwen tolbart has
the holiday forecast. and trying to find the perfect present for your kids? not a lot of time left. one group is connecticuting furry friends with a new forever home thousands of miles away. we'll tell you about that. we'll be right back.
this week, our colleagues at fox 5 presented our christmas tree to a charity. >> allison seymour has more on the one deserving family whose children's lives have changed, thanks to our military kids. >> reporter: since 2004, the group, our military kids has been providing money for after school sports and extra curricular activities for military families. >> we honor them this year with our tree and all your beautiful ornaments but, first, here is a look at one deserving family whose children's lives have changed, thanks to our military
kids. >> beautiful, beautiful >> reporter: 7-year-old braun is one tough hit ir. braun and his little brother danny are able to enjoy the sport because of a grant given by our military kids. since 2004, our military kids has been helping military families nationwide pay for youth sports, fine artsactivities and tutoring programs, to help young kids during a parents' deployment or rehabilitation. last april, the boy's father, army staff sergeant, alejandro drujahi was severely injured in afghanistan. he was part of the 82nd airborne unit on his fourth deployment. while the unit was stationed
near kandahar, alejandro, on foot patrol, stepped on a roadside bomb. the explosion severed both his legs. since then, they have been living at walter reed. the young boy's boxing lessons are a welcome change for the family. >> it's great to gemstone they had out of the hospital to do something. and my son has adhd and it's helping him to learn to focus on something. >> reporter: deployment can be a stressful time for families, often are financially stretched, cannot afford to pay for things like extra curricular activities, and sports, crucial for their children's well-being. that's where our military kids comes in. >> i could not have done without the grant, period. grant money is given to military families in need. >> now, a few hours in the boxing ring is a sport that the
entire family enjoys. braun and danny have something to look forward to each week. >> this is when you get to shadow box, like fight invisible people. >> reporter: in the spirit of the holiday season, we honor and give thanks to the f servic who, like alejandro put their lives on the line each day fighting for our freedom. and we support organizations like our military kids. with their efforts, little champions like braun and danny get to enjoy. >> you get to play dodge ball and you can't rest. you can't rest ever because, then you are not a champion. champions don't rest. >> it's great. okay. joining us now executive director linda davidson. good morning. >> good morning. >> and greg o'brien,
communication specialist with the organization, our military kids. you know, thank you. >> thank you. >> again, we wanted to thank all of the viewers. i mean, every one of these ornaments came from a viewer. all these hand made. we appreciate it. we have a few toys that we collected recently. those will go with the tree as well. thank you all for coming in. we appreciate it. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you and your viewers. >> very, very nice. >> yes, indeed, it was. >> happy to be a part of that. and we are all a part of this crazy weather here today. not exactly christmas weather. it is what it is. >> yes. the cold will get you in the mood. >> when you are shopping. >> fireplace, bundle up. >> yes. >> you know what, we have some bundle up weather for you today. >> cold out there tonight, temperatures dropping into the 30s and in some areas, we could
even see some 20s. the winds gradually dying some. that's a beautiful shot of the national cathedral. we are seeing some clearing skies as well. winds improving. that's the first thing to talk about. and we have a calm sunday ahead for you. you will see things a little bit differently for you. temperatures are going to be up and down and all the places as we head into the 7-day forecast. let's talk about the winds today. gusting peak winds at 43 miles per hour at reagan national. and 44 at bwi marshall. 51 at dulles. of the wind very, very strong. we had very significant winds chills as well, felt like only in the 20s in many of the our neighborhoods. currently, winds gusting at 17 in annapolis. 16 in gaithersburg. 25 at martinsburg. you can see there's a lot less
happening in terms of the winds on our map. but things are definitely improving. highs today, 45 degrees at reagan national airport. 42 at dulles and 42 at bwi thurgood marshal. the 45, exactly where we should be. 42 degrees, a little bit below the seasonal average. we are still currently in the ballpark. 36 in d.c., 32 in quantico. >> we expect the overnight lows to remain in the low 30s. here are some. overnight lows that we are talking about right now. colder air settling in, making itself iet at home before the holiday and, as laura said, it makes you feel kind of festive just because the weather is cold. we have don't have a white christmas, however, to talk about. plenty of action on the west coast. take a look at this. rain showers and a little bits of snow across areas of the mountains to the deep south.
nothing happening there across the gulf. but as we head up towards the great lakes, we have a little bit of lake effect snow and across areas of the northeast seeing some snow as well. here as home, mainly cloudy skies with a ridge of high pressure moving through. that's going to hold us for fairly clear skies as we move into the course of tomorrow. these clouds will clear out during the course of tonight and the clear skies and the winds will light en up. clear skies, light winds, that means it's going to be on the chilly side. for tomorrow, we are talking plenty of sunshine. skies will be bright and the winds will be extremely light as well pushing in from the southwest. we have an unsettled pattern to talk about. we have a very strong system that had start to move it way into the ohio valley. that's going to set us up as we move through into monday to see a chance of rain showers, snow and rain mixed together depending upon where the temperatures will start to drop and that's something that we have to watch. then we get another ridge of high pressure that sets us up in between christmas day.
lots of sunshine then and behind it, another strong system on wednesday. so that will be even stronger. we have a greater chance of precipitation on wednesday than we do on monday. but this particular computer model is showing up on monday. rain snow mix line here. a little snow to the north and we end up with more rain in the course of the afternoon hours. as we head into christmas day, it's gone and all dry and sunshine setting itself up for the day. for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. mid-day, about 46 degrees. light wind. tonight, overnight low of 32. tomorrow, daytime highs, 48 degrees. here is a look at your fox 5 accu weather forecast. expect to see some precipitation on christmas eve. christmas day is sunny and then the day afternoon. we are back to more precipitation. >> okay. >> get ready. >> all right. >> thanks, gwen. still ahead tonight, perfect holiday which teaches kids about love and
responsibility. >> a puppy. tonight, a group goes the dip taps to give their furry friends a new home. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, giving the sandy hook students a winter wonderland for the new year. what kids sent to the children in connecticut in the shape of snow flakes. ♪
♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town: a busch gardens celebration.
discover the wonder at puppies are on a lot of children's christmas wish list. >> much to the chagrin of their parents. >> the wishes will come true for some lucky kids, more than a thousand miles away. fox's gary teddy has the story. >> reporter: puppies are on a lot of children's christmas list this year and a lot of puppies in shelters are hoping to end up under the tree with a new home. thanks to a group of veterinarian students at mississippi state university,
those wishes will come true for some lucky kids more than a thousand miles away. >> you are ready to become a yankee? >> . >> this is a really good grips present to have one of these guys show up. >> reporter: the program saves dogs from overcrowded shelters in mississippi. and sends them to northeastern states. >> around here, we find some those dogs wandering the streets. there is a overflow and over there, their shelters are almost empty. >> charlotte and her brother got an early christmas present. >> there is nothing that's better than that. that's kind of a christmas present for both of us that she gets to have him and we get to give her a home. >> i like her. >> about ever si six weeks, volunteers spends their weekends transporting a trailer full of puppies to virginia where shelters from connecticut, new hampshire and new york need them to pick

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